Our Team Extended

Our Team

Clara Shirima

Managing Director
She is the company’s Managing Director and head logistics coordinator. Her strength lies in his organizational skills, experience as a tour operator in safari scene and his community involvement. She has many years worked in collaboration with other tour operators and she has a thorough knowledge of a Tanzanian tour companies operations. She also maintains a strong presence in all company operations (from the office to field), ensuring unsurpassed quality and service is provided in order to secure complete customer satisfaction. Thus all clients are assured that under her leadership, an African experience of lifetime is guaranteed. She oversees all on-ground handling and logistics in all adventures. This role requires careful planning and attention to detail with large teams of support staff, equipment and food required for each Adventure She is the consummate professional and ensures that her team delivers each and every time. Having been involved in adventures travel and hospitality for over many years, she knows just how important it is to get it right; providing Kilimanjaro adventures clients with the best service and support on Mt Kilimanjaro. From outstanding, authentic accommodation in Moshi to quality equipment, a diverse, nutritious selection of meals and the most experienced guides on the mountain, she has it covered. Through Kilimanjaro adventures ongoing relationship with stuffs, together we ensure that our support staff are paid at higher than standard wages and are provided with all their essential provisions including quality food, warmth and shelter.

Sheila Angela.

Director And Safari Specialists
She is a graduate of the Mweka College of wildlife. Her strengths lie in his vast skills on flora and fauna attained from the college. Not only does she has the knowledge of the wild, but she also has great experience and the combination of his skills make her the perfect field operator for any safari destination in Tanzania. She takes care of the behind the scenes planning and preparation for all of Kilimanjaro adventures. She arranges everything to ensure our clients are taken the best possible care of from collection at Kilimanjaro International Airport, comfortable local accommodation, transportation, climbing permits, equipment to arranging our support team of porters. This is a huge operation which requires experience, patience and foresight, all of which She possesses, having been involved in co-coordinating adventures for over many years. She is passionate not only about delivering the highest level service, but also taking care of and protecting the local support staff who are the backbone behind all of our adventures.


Head Guide
Truman has been working with Kilimanjaro adventures since 2014, and has led every trip since then. He is a qualified and licensed guide in Tanzania, with Wilderness First Responder, having reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro more than 250+ times and standing on top with the Kilimanjaro adventures team many times now. The solid man who has been on the mountain many times since he was a porter cook ass guide to chief guide, you would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and capable guide on the mountain. He has developed a wonderful, professional relationship over the years and work extremely well together, with Truman taking charge of co-coordinating the support team leaving Ass guide to take care of the clients. He is a strong, A solid man,powerful climber who has an incredible ability to motivate, embrace, climbers on summit night and instruct his team of guides to provide close, singing, personalized support for all clients.


Assistant Head Guide
Leonard is Kilimanjaro adventures second in charge, and supports chief guides on most climbs. Having worked with Kilimanjaro adventures since 2014, He is a qualified, licensed guide, also with Wilderness First Responder Apart from being a strong and capable climber. He is also one of the fittest guides on the mountain, and is currently training for a speed climb of Kilimanjaro in under 9 hours. Having reached the summit over 199 times, He has an impeccable knowledge of the mountain, from the best view points to a few select points where mobile phone service can be reached. He is charismatic, engaging and great company for clients on the mountain. He is passionate about the mountain and helping people, and has been a big part in Kilimanjaro adventures high success rate, with his ability to encourage and support climbers on their summit push.


Camp Master
Philip takes care of Kilimanjaro adventures clients once we set off on the mountain. He works closely with the cooking team, but is also there and available whenever the clients have a special request or need assistance. He co-ordinates the meal service, arranges hot drinks, afternoon tea, refills water bottles and ensures the groups needs are always being met. He never stops. He is the last to go the bed and first guy up in the morning. He is usually the most popular member of our team, and connects so well with our clients. On summit night, He serves you hot drinks and snacks inside your tent whilst you are getting ready for your climb, saving you from venturing out in the cold before you need to. Imagine being woken each morning with a gentle wake-up call outside your tent, and then being served with a hot drink whilst still curled up in your sleeping bag.


Head Cook
Joseph is the head cook on all of Kilimanjaro adventures climbs on Mt Kilimanjaro, and has a challenging job, planning a wide and varied diet for the entire expedition. Joseph carefully plans every meal, ensuring an abundance of fresh produce, eggs, meat, local specialties, porridge, bread and snacks. No one goes hungry on our trips, and Joseph dishes up delicious, hearty meals that will satisfy even the fussiest eater. All dietary requirements are catered for from vegetarian, vegan to gluten free meals. An absolute perfectionist, and working from a basic facility inside his cooks tent, Joseph and his team manage to produce meals that put a smile on everyone's face. Joseph understands that the key to success is ensuring people are happy, feel sustained, have sufficient fuel in their body whilst he follows strict hygiene practices, giving climbers the best shot at reaching their goal. His daily soups, served with lunch and dinner are made fresh from local ingredients, and are simply amazing whilst the freshly served coffee, brewed from local Tanzanian beans are a treat for those needing a caffeine fix in the morning.